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[texts]The_Island_Home_by_Richard_Archer - Richard Archer, aka James F Bowman, mid nineteenth century
These books are in the form of PDFs. They are printable and searchable. They have been digitised by scanning nineteenth century or early twentieth century copies of the books. These original scans are also available in the Internet Archive. To make them more readable we have omitted the images, which can be seen, if desired, with the original scans in the Internet Archive. Books dated later than 1922 may not be viewed from within the USA...
Keywords: Athelstane; Richard; Archer; Island; Home; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 102
[texts]The Heir of Kilfinnan - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
The book opens with our hero, Dermot O'Neil, out fishing in a small boat that he usually went with his widowed mother in. The catch being good he went up to the nearby castle, the abode of the Earl Kilfinnan, where he easily sells his fish, and is asked to come back with more the next day. Being a good-looking and well-mannered 12-year-old, he wins the admiration of the Earl's daughter and her cousin, who offer to teach him to read...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Heir; Kilfinnan; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 237
[texts]A Yacht Voyage Round England - W.H.G. Kingston (1814-1880)
This is a most remarkable book, copiously illustrated with interesting engravings. A young boy and his brother are sent home early from their boarding-school, because of illness among the pupils. Their father is a retired captain in the Royal Navy, who has had a beautiful yacht built. He suggests that the family should spend this lengthened summer holiday sailing round England. This means sailing round the southern part of Scotland, passing through the Caledonian Canal...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Yacht; Voyage; England; PDF; HTML; TXT; ZIP
Downloads: 612
[texts]Principal books by Rev TP Wilson - Rev. Theodore Wilson (died 1881)
These books are in the form of PDFs. They are printable and searchable. They have been digitised by scanning nineteenth century or early twentieth century copies of the books. These original scans are also available in the Internet Archive. To make them more readable we have omitted the images, which can be seen, if desired, with the original scans in the Internet Archive. Books dated later than 1922 may not be viewed from within the USA...
Keywords: Athelstane; Rev TP Wilson; Principal Works; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 194
[texts]A Forgotten Hero - Emily Sarah Holt (1836-1893)
This shortish book takes us to the end of the thirteenth century, and, although the people in the book are mostly high-born, the scene is a very domestic one. It gives us a good understanding of the way life was lived in those days. Recommended for its social interest. Emily Sarah Holt, 1836 to 1893. There doesn't seem to be much information easily available about Emily Sarah Holt. She is not mentioned in "The Oxford Companion to Children's Literature"...
Keywords: Athelstane; Emily; Holt; Forgotten; Hero; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 273
[texts]Owen Hartley - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
Owen is a teenager who had been quite well educated, but who had just been orphaned. There is a family relation who has a shipping business in Wapping, London. A kind friend escorts the boy there, and he is granted an interview with the head of the firm, his relation. He is able to prove to the old man that he is indeed his relation, and is given a job as an assistant clerk. He does his work very well, and it is decided that he ought to be sent on a round trip away by sea, so that he shall under...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Owen; Hartley; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 194
[texts]Salt Water - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
One interesting feature of this book is that it must have been one of the earliest to be written by Kingston. It does not appear that there was another edition for sixty years, by which time the author had been dead for 35 years. It is also a very good book of his genre, with lots of battle, murder, and sudden death. It deals with the adventures of a young boy who joins the Royal Navy as a midshipman in the care of his uncle...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Salt; Water; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 298
[texts]In the Wilds of Florida - W.H.G. Kingston (1814-1880)
In this book by Kingston we are introduced to Florida in the mid-19th century, when the tail-end of the wars between the Cherokee and Seminole Indians was still rumbling on, and the white man was still occasionally disturbed by attacks by Indians. Large areas of the territory are swamp, water, and densely overgrown plains. All this is described in detail. Our hero this time is a "school-leaver" from Ireland, whose father seems to have had just one too many sons for him to be able to provide for ...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Wilds; Florida; PDF; HTML; ZIP; TXT
Downloads: 242
[texts]The Nebuly Coat - John Meade Falkner
This extraordinary book was acclaimed on its publication in 1903 as one of the very best books ever written in the English language. We have worked for this transcription from the first edition, which was given two impressions, of which we used the second. There are not so many actors in the story that the reader is baffled, and each of them is beautifully drawn, so that their characters stand out clearly and consistently...
Keywords: Meade; Falkner; Nebuly; Coat; Athelstane
Downloads: 684
[texts]Settlers in Canada - Captain Marryat (1792-1848)
This is one of the books that Marryat wrote to interest and instruct children. After his tour of North America in 1837, he had good first-hand information about Canada to give them. It is 1794. A relatively well-to-do family had inherited the family estates, and were doing their best to administer them wisely and well. Suddenly a long-lost relation, for years thought to be dead, arrives back in Britain, and successfully claims the estate, thus putting an end to the family's plans for University ...
Keywords: Athelstane; Marryat; Settlers; Canada; PDF; TXT; ZIP
Downloads: 458
[texts]Paul Gerrard, Cabin Boy - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
Here is another book in the true Kingston style - lots of swimming, sharks, wrecks, battles, pirates, woundings. Paul goes to sea in the first place because his father has lost a legal case in which the Devereux family had been claiming his estates and land. To Paul's surprise, who should be in the midshipman's mess but a young man called Devereux, whose life Paul was able to save following his serious wounding...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Paul; Gerrard; Cabin; Boy; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 316
[texts]The Voyages and Travels of Count Funnibos and Baron Stilkin - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
This book is definitely intended for the younger ones. Kingston does not really show how humorous he can be in most of his books, but this book is definitely meant to be funny and succeeds. Two elderly minor nobles agree that they will set out on a voyage to see the world. They set out on it, but their adventures take them no farther than Holland, which is where they already are. They have various mishaps, and even at one point get separated, only coming together again by chance...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Count; Funnibos; Baron; Stilkin; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 217
[texts]Fred Markham in Russia - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
Fred and his brother have an adult friend, Cousin Giles, who is a naval officer who had served under the boys' father, before injury had compelled his retirement. One day Cousin Giles asks the boys to come with him on a visit to Russia. This was 1856. The boys' mother is glad they are not going too far, such as to the Antipodes. The little party arrive in Russia after some problems with their sea voyage...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Fred; Markham; Russia; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 284
[texts]The Little Savage - Captain Marryat (1792-1848)
This remarkable book is one of those on which Marryat was working during his last few months. It was finished by his son. A young boy and a rather nasty old man have been marooned on a remote tropical island. The man is very unkind to the boy, and treats him like a slave. But the man is struck blind by lightning, just at the very moment when it appeared likely that they were to be rescued. The boy is able to force the man to behave better, and learns to read, using the letters in the Prayer Book...
Keywords: Athelstane; Marryat; Little; Savege; PDF; TXT; ZIP
Downloads: 440
[texts]Massa George - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
George Bruton, son of Captain Bruton is a young teenager. His father's plantation is in Georgia. The time is around the middle of the eighteenth century. Although not keen on the idea of slavery, Captain Bruton determines that he will buy one of them and will try to treat him extremely well. The man has a son, whom the family nickname Pompey, Pomp for short. Eventually these two become relaxed, realising that there will be no hard treatment for them, and the two boys, George and Pomp, become fas...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Massa; George; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 329
[texts]The First Mate - Harry Collingwood (1851-1922)
The hero of this story is Walter Leigh, who takes a job as second mate aboard a gasoline-powered yacht owned by a Mrs. Vansittart, whose husband is an American industrialist. Julius Vansittart is a rather nasty 12-year-old, who, despite his life being saved by Leigh, when he had fallen overboard, hates the English, and never misses an opportunity of being as unpleasant as possible, even to the point of stupidity...
Keywords: Athelstane; Harry; Collingwood; First; Mate; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 152
[texts]Brave and True - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
Although Fenn's name appears on the cover, and on the title-page, he does not appear to have written more than one of the stories, and the story that gave its name to the book was not by him. There are several stories that were not signed by an author's name, so we have a mystery there. They were probably just using Fenn's name to sell the book. The target audience appears to be seven- or eight-year-olds; certainly not the sixteen-year-olds that Fenn generally aimed for...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Brave; True; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 411
[texts]A True Hero - W.H.G. Kingston (1814-1880)
A very interesting book. It certainly brings home the problems faced by the various Dissenting sects in England in the reign of James the Second, particularly those facing the Quakers. It tells the story of a Quaker family, who fled from England to seek a new life in America in the late 1600s. It's a short book, and it makes a very good read, or of course a good audiobook. As reviewer I found it most instructive...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; True; Hero; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 555
[texts]For the Master's Sake - Emily Sarah Holt (1836-1893)
The story is set in the middle of the sixteenth century, in London, at a time when a Catholic Queen had succeeded to the throne, shortly to marry King Philip of Spain. The Protestant Bishops were replaced with Catholic ones, in particular Bonner, Bishop of London, and these set about murderously dealing with the least signs of Protestantism. All this is very confusing to the average person, and that is what the story is about...
Keywords: Athelstane; Emily; Holt; Masters; Sake; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 336
[texts]Adventures in the Far West - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
This is rather a short book but it is prolifically illustrated with no less than 29 pictures, most of very great interest, but in none of which can one make out the artist's signature. The picture of the visit of the witch doctor to the sick man is very memorable, and the poor man was probably frightened to death, rather than revived. A group of tough young Brits make their way to the west of North America, where there are numerous hazards, in the form of grizzly bears, wolves, and a few tribes ...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Adventures; Far; West; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 397
[texts]Sir Ludar, a story of the days of the Great Queen Bess - Talbot Baines Reed (1852-1893)
For regular readers of Reed's works this will be a surprise. Not a mention of a school or its inhabitants! Set in the late sixteenth century and couched in slightly archaic English, it narrates the adventures of an apprentice to a printer. But this young lad gets caught up in all sorts of adventures, and is especially drawn to Ludar, a young Irish rebel. There is a good deal of travelling by sea, and though this sounds convincing as Reed writes it, there is not much depth in it...
Keywords: Athelstane; Talbot; Baines; Reed; Sir; Ludar; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 240
[texts]The Three Midshipmen - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
The tale of the Three Midshipmen is carried on to the Three Lieutenants, the Three Commanders, and the Three Admirals. The book starts with the arrival of three new boys at a boarding school for young gentlemen. One boy is English, one is Scottish, and the third is Irish. Under the influence of various bullies and other schoolboy adversities the three lads learn to stick together, and to look after each other...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Three; Midshipmen; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 294
[texts]Brownsmith's Boy - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
This is an absolutely delightful book, which has most of its early action in a market garden, and then more in another one. The author is a great naturalist, and he has much to teach us about the way in which work should be done to raise fruit and vegetables to be taken to London daily for the market. Somehow that sounds boring but there is so much action entwined with these facts that they are made far from boring...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Brownsmith; Boy; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 423
[texts]Black White and Gray - Amy Walton (1845-~1925)
Some young children, whose parents are working in India, are being brought up by an aunt in a small English village called Fieldside. The aunt lets them have a lot of freedom, but there are some "Rules of the House" which must be obeyed. When the cat has some lovely kittens, one black, one white, and one grey, they are not allowed to keep them, because there would then be too many cats than the Rules allowed, but they are given three weeks in which to find homes for them...
Keywords: Athelstane; Amy; Walton; Black; White; Gray; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 300
[texts]The Voyage of the Steadfast - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
The "Steadfast" is a whaling vessel, based on Liverpool. The whaling grounds are in the Pacific, so each voyage involves a long time away from home. The story opens with the owner-captain's wife and daughter sitting at home during a great storm, in which a vessel is wrecked very near their house. On board the ship are Harry Graybrook, the skipper's son, and another youngster called Dickey Bass. Leonard Champion is the mate, and is also in love with the captain's daughter, whom we met in Chapter ...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Voyage; Steadfast; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 262
[texts]Will Weatherhelm - W.H.G. Kingston (1814-1880)
This is quite a long book, estimated to take sixteen hours forty minutes to read. It was also quite difficult to transcribe, since the type was probably a bit old. Certainly it was a rather small typeface, and was broken up in places. Nevertheless we think we have got the text to better than the prescribed 99.95% accurate, with an expected error rate of less than eighty words in the 164,896 of the text...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Will; Weatherhelm; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 357
[texts]Featherland; or, How the Birds lived at Greenlawn - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
As he explains in the last paragraph the book was written for the amusement of two little girls who were fond of leaning up against his knee, and asking him to tell them a story. Fenn was a very good naturalist, and I feel sure that he enjoyed looking out at the birds on the lawn, and seeing their reactions to one another. From this he has gone on to add occasional snatches of English speech, to illustrate to the girls the way the birds, and a few other animals (the dog, the cat, the bees, a hed...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Featherland; Greenlawn; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 318
[texts]Ben Burton - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
The story really consists of a series of nautical and shore incidents, to do with Ben Burton and his family. During the course of the story he goes from being born, to a senior Naval rank. Shortly after he is born they come across a dinghy drifting with an ayah and a small white girl, who grows up in parallel with Ben, though she is spared some of his more martial adventures. It's always difficult to get a timescale with books like this one, as the years seem to go past much faster than the supp...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Ben; Burton; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 205
[texts]Charley Laurel - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
Here Kingston gives us a story of a young boy who had been handed to a British seaman, Dick, at a place in the West Indies which had just been attacked by the British. The boy's nurse, a coloured woman, had received a fatal wound. The boy is brought up by Dick on board ship, but there are all sorts of misadventures, such as being cast away on a raft, being picked up by what turns out to be a pirate ship, escaping and then being rescued by a privateer...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Charley; Laurel; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 253
[texts]The Peril Finders - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
This is a long and excellent book, though a rare one, and is George Manville Fenn at his very best. It starts in California, where several settlers had been trying to gain a living as fruit-growers, but the various blights and insects were getting the upper hand, and failure was in the air all round. One day an aged and deranged old prospector comes there, having walked in from the mountains and salt-plains, many hundreds of miles away...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Peril; Finders; PDF; HTML; TXT; ZIP
Downloads: 464
[texts]Sunshine Bill - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
Bill's father is a wherry-man in Portsmouth Harbour, who one day has an accident and is killed. Bill's mother is a seller of apples. The whole family are a happy, good-humoured lot. Bill is befriended by a Captain Trevelyan, who offers him a boy seaman's place in his ship, the Lilly. So Bill goes off to sea, knowing that it would be perhaps four years or more before he would see his family again. His companions as boy seamen include Tommy Rebow, a somewhat weaker lad than Bill...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Sunshine; Bill; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 190
[texts]Archibald Hughson, The Young Shetlander - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
Archibald is a teenager living in Shetland, that group of islands to the north of Scotland. His father is dead, and his mother not very well. He longs to go to sea, and a seaman he knows aids him to stow away in a whaling ship, the "Kate", just parting for Greenland, where there is an abundance of whales. The Captain is very kind, and accepts the situation. But one day when the boats are sent out in search of whales Archy stows away again, to see the fun...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Archibald; Hughson; Young; Shetlander; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 225
[texts]Bunyip Land - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
Joe Carstairs is a boy on a farm in Australia. His father is a keen naturalist who, some years before had set off for New Guinea in search of specimens, and never been heard of again. Joe is old enough to mount a search expedition, and takes with him a local doctor and an aboriginal worker on his farm. They find themselves joined by a stowaway, Jimmy, whose father is a squatter (farmer) nearby, together with his dog, Gyp...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Bunyip; Land; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 353
[texts]The War Trail - Captain Thomas Mayne Reid (1818-83)
The text forms of this book, and the description are not yet ready. REID, Thomas Mayne (1818-83). Irish writer of boys' stories, born in Ballyroney, County Down. In 1840 he emigrated to New Orleans, settled as a journalist in Philadelphia (1843), and served in the US army during the Mexican war (1847), where he was severely wounded. Returning to Britain in 1849, he settled down to a literary life in London...
Keywords: Athelstane; Captain; Mayne; Reid; War; Trail; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 852
[texts]Glyn Severn's Schooldays - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
Glyn Severn and the Maharajah of Dour, both about 15 or 16, have been sent together to an English Boarding School. Glyn's father has been for many years a Colonel in the Maharajah's father's army, but now the old Maharajah is dead, and his son, known at school as "Singh", has inherited the title. The Colonel is Singh's guardian. There are the usual schoolboyish rivalries and fights, in particular involving a nasty individual called Slegge...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Glyn; Severn; Schooldays; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 339
[texts]More about Pixie - Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey (Jessie Mansergh) 1857-1917
This is another excellent book by Mrs de Horne Vaizey, dating from the end of the nineteenth century. While of course it is dated in its references to the world around its actors, yet nevertheless their emotions are well-described, and no doubt are timeless. In some ways the world around the people in the book is recognisable today, in a way which a book written thirty or forty years before would not have been...
Keywords: Athelstane; Horne; Vaizey; More; Pixie; PDF; TXT; HTML; ZIP
Downloads: 433
[texts]Across the Spanish Main - Harry Collingwood (1851-1922)
This book, of average length, is set at the end of the sixteenth century, when the English were in a state of war against the Spanish. The heroes of the story are two boys from Devon, a county in the south-west of England. They set off with a view to repairing the fortunes of the family of one of them, by chasing and capturing Spanish treasure ships. Their adventures are many and various, and include being captured by a famous pirate...
Keywords: Athelstane; Harry; Collingwood; Spanish; Main; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 510
[texts]The Cruise of the Dainty - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
Another book of great adventure, this time in the Pacific, where, at the time, many of the Islanders were, with good reason, ill-disposed towards Europeans, having been tricked so often in various unpleasant ways, even to the point where they would be invited on board to do some bartering, only to be battened below hatches, and then sailed off to Peru to be used as slaves. Our adventurers encounter hostility in places, but on the whole their worst enemies are the weather, and also ill-intentione...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Cruise; Dainty; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 179
[texts]Will of the Mill - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
A Huguenot settlement in the Derbyshire dales, in the middle of England, in the mid-nineteenth century. The Vicar's son, and the mill-owner's son are great friends. They become friends with a visiting artist, who is lodging in the house of one of the key-workers at the Mill, where they manufacture silk. The artist falls down an old mine-shaft up in the hills, and the boys find him. At home they are missed and a rescue party is sent out, and finds them all...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Will; Mill; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 216
[texts]The Willoughby Captains - Talbot Baines Reed (1852-1893)
This is one of this author's famous school stories. Like a new boy or girl at a school, you will be faced with learning the names of a great many youngsters, and to an extent, their characters. However, by the time you get half-way through the book you will be familiar enough with the principal characters. Of course, there are numerous small dramas being acted out as the book proceeds, but the main one concerns a boat-race between two of the Houses...
Keywords: Athelstane; Talbot; Baines; Reed; Willoughby; Captains; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 287
[texts]Hollowdell Grange - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
This is one of Fenn's earliest books. The theme is that a boy from London goes down to stay in the country with his cousins, where the way of life is so very different, and challenging, from all that he had known in the great city. The descriptions of country life of those days are very well done, but we must make one warning--that many of the countrymen we meet in the story speak with a strong Lincolnshire accent, and the author has done his best to represent these sounds with what must very of...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Hollowdell; Grange; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 224
[texts]Witness to the Deed - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
This is indeed rather an extraordinary book, in many ways not in the usual style of Fenn, yet in others in a style that few but Fenn could rise to. One of the problems with this book is that, at least in the early chapters, there are flashbacks in the text, most unusual in the nineteenth century, though regrettably an oft-used device in the writing of today. This does make it difficult to follow the story, but you just have to push on with the work, and you will be rewarded in the end...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Witness; Deed; PDF; HTML; TXT; ZIP
Downloads: 292
[texts]The Adventures of Rob Harlow, a tale of the Grand Chaco - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
A small private naturalist's expedition is about to take place up one of the Paraguay rivers. The eponymous hero, Rob Harlow, is a teenager. They are going to be rowed up the river, and the larger vessel that had brought then there, with its Italian captain, is to wait for them. The captain's son, Giovanni, is very keen to come with them, and his father thinks it would be a very good idea. The other adults on the trip are not so happy about the responsibility, but eventually he is allowed to com...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Adventures; Rob; Harlow; Grand; Chaco; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 421
[texts]Newton Forster - Captain Marryat (1792-1848)
In this book the nautical component is provoded by the Merchant Service, or Merchant Navy, as we would call it these days. The hero is the sole survivor of a wreck, being rescued and brought ashore by a Newfoundland dog. He is adopted and brought up by an absent-minded old watch-maker, whose dog found him, and whose brother is an eminent and well-to-do lawyer in London. Some of the story takes place on an East Indiaman, as we watch our hero's career develop...
Keywords: Athelstane; Marryat; Newton; Forster; Merchant; Service; PDF; TXT; ZIP
Downloads: 439
[texts]Marcus, the Young Centurion - George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)
Marcus is eighteen, and his father had been a great Roman General, Cracis, who had fallen from grace some years before and was living quietly, farming in a small way in southern Italy. An old ex-soldier, Serge, works on the farm, and is helping to bring Marcus up. Marcus would like to be a soldier, and is encouraged in this by Serge, but his father has forbidden any discussion of the topic. One day a stranger comes to the door...
Keywords: Athelstane; George; Manville; Fenn; Marcus; Young; Centurion; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 393
[texts]Clara Maynard - William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880)
This is a short book, about a quarter of the length of a typical Kingston novel. Clara is the daughter of a retired Royal Navy Captain, who owns a large yacht, a cutter. She can take a large number of guests to sea, even more than the cutter in Marryat's "The Three Cutters". They use the yacht as a means of getting to a picnic spot on a beach, where they are met by even more people, including the new incumbent of the local parish, the family who own the presentation to the living, and a couple o...
Keywords: Athelstane; Kingston; Clara; Maynard; PDF; TXT; ZIP; HTML
Downloads: 199
[texts]The White Chief - "Captain" Mayne Reid (1818-1883)
An exciting and well-written book by Mayne Reid based on his experiences during the war between America and Mexico in the 1840s. Reid took the title of "Captain" because that was what his men called him during that war, although he was never promoted to that rank. The importance of Reid's books with this background is that they were among the first in the Wild West genre.
Keywords: Athelstane; Mayne; Reid; White; Chief; PDF; TXT; HTML; ZIP
Downloads: 812
[texts]Under the Meteor Flag - Harry Collingwood, (pseudonym), (1851-1922)
This is well-written and full of action. The formula is very much the same as Kingston's--gales, shipwrecks, rafts, hand-to-hand battles, and above all, a super-smart midshipman who doesn’t even shave yet, but who has influence in the Navy. It is a good yarn, but there are a couple of things I do not like about it. One is the habit of giving people surnames that are also parts of the ship. I know that Marryat did it once or twice, and Kingston did it, but it jars each time...
Keywords: Athelstane; Collingwood; Meteor; Flag; PDF; HTML
Downloads: 583
[texts]The Log of a Privateersman - Harry Collingwood, (pseudonym), (1851-1922)
Another cleverly written and interesting book by this prolific author of books about the sea for teenage boys. The time of the story is the very beginning of the nineteenth century, at which time the British were at war with France. The task of a privateersman is to act as a licensed pirate, preying on enemy ships. The hero is very successful at all this, and eventually is offered a permanent commission in the Royal Navy...
Keywords: Athelstane; Collingwood; Log; Privateersman; PDF; HTML
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[texts]The Cruise of the Thetis - Harry Collingwood, (pseudonym), (1851-1922)
The Thetis is a fast motor-cruiser. The story takes us to Cuba, and we visit various places in it (even Guantanamo!). There has been an insurrection there and our heroes get themselves involved. The book used was very well printed, and so the transcription was easy, and we think it has been well-done. Harry Collingwood (1851-1922). Pseudonym of William Joseph Cosens Lancaster, a civil engineer who specialised in seas and harbours...
Keywords: Athelstane; Collingwood; Cruise; Thetis; PDF; HTML
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